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Remodeling a fixer-upper can be extremely rewarding. Whenever I moved into my current home, I certainly didn’t like the way it looked. The flooring was crumbling, the wallpaper was peeling, and the appliances were malfunctioning. So I decided to begin an extensive renovation project. I installed hardwood floors, removed wallpaper, and invested in shiny stainless steel appliances for my kitchen. The results were stunning. Have you recently purchased a fixer-upper? Consider hiring a remodeling contractor to help you transform your new place into the home of your dreams. By working with a reputable remodeling contractor, your renovation will likely be less stressful and more successful. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a remodeling contractor to complete complex renovation tasks. Enjoy!

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3 Reasons To Consider One-Day Shower Installation

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of considerations to make. From budgeting for the project to picking out colors, hardware, and tile choices, it can be tricky to design a gorgeous new bathroom, especially when you are pressed for time. Fortunately, one-day shower installations are designed to cover existing tile and fixtures, making it quick and easy to beautify a bathroom. Here are three reasons to consider a one-day shower installation. 

1. Protect Your Quality of Life

The thought of a gorgeous new bathroom might be exciting, but how long will you live in a construction zone before you can shower in a spa-like retreat? Oftentimes, people become so frustrated by the actual renovation process that the hassle overshadows the new perks. 

However, by investing in a one-day shower installation, you can enjoy a beautiful new showering area in no time, helping you to reduce stress and protect your quality of life. Instead of wondering when the project will be finished, you can simply head out for the day and return to a new bathroom area without skipping a beat. 

2. Flip That House Fast

When your income relies on fixing up a house and getting it back on the market, time is of the essence. The longer a bathroom remodel takes, and the longer a house sits off the market, the more time there is for housing prices to drop or potential buyers to bore. 

One of the perks of a one-day shower installation is the fact that you can use the service to fix up a bathroom quickly and efficiently. This way, you can cut your renovation time significantly. 

3. Speed Cleaning

One-day shower installations are possible because of seamless, laser-cut technology. Since shower stalls are typically a set size, installers can bring in a bathroom shower pan and covering that fits your space perfectly. In addition to helping you to create a beautiful bathroom in no time, they also make cleaning easier because there are fewer seams. 

One-day shower installations are placed in a way that eliminates many of the tile seams that can trap gunk and grime such as soap scum and germs. This helps homeowners to create more sanitary spaces. 

If you are thinking about beautifying your space with a gorgeous new shower, talk with contractors about what they can offer you. Ask if they have one-day shower supplies in stock, and what the turnaround time is like. You never know, your space could look brand new in less time than you think. Contact a one-day shower installation service for more information.