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Remodeling a fixer-upper can be extremely rewarding. Whenever I moved into my current home, I certainly didn’t like the way it looked. The flooring was crumbling, the wallpaper was peeling, and the appliances were malfunctioning. So I decided to begin an extensive renovation project. I installed hardwood floors, removed wallpaper, and invested in shiny stainless steel appliances for my kitchen. The results were stunning. Have you recently purchased a fixer-upper? Consider hiring a remodeling contractor to help you transform your new place into the home of your dreams. By working with a reputable remodeling contractor, your renovation will likely be less stressful and more successful. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a remodeling contractor to complete complex renovation tasks. Enjoy!

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Transform A Bedroom Into A Craft Room With Help From Home Remodelers

When you live in a home with a spare bedroom, you might want to transform it into something useful for your family to use regularly. Each household has preferred activities, and you may know that your family enjoys working on crafts individually and together. A smart move is to transform the spare room into a craft room where your family can work on crafts exclusively. 

Taking on specific projects is important because it will help you prepare the room properly.


Adding new windows to the room will improve natural lighting. A major benefit of natural lighting is that you can control how much you get with windows and window treatments. Ideally, you want to maximize natural lighting potential with several large windows. You can even add floor-to-ceiling ones that provide a ton of unobstructed lighting to help with crafts.

When you only want to add one or two windows to the space, you want to get strategic with their placement and size. One strategy is to pick the spots where you get the most natural light. Another one is to add windows after you come up with a furniture layout. This option allows you to install windows next to your crafting workspaces to ensure sufficient daytime lighting.


While some crafts cannot dirty floors easily, you might know your family enjoys crafts that put carpeting at risk of messes and stains. This fact makes it worth replacing carpet with a hard floor that will be easier to clean and maintain over the years. Laminate, hardwood, and vinyl are a few resilient options that will give your family peace of mind while working on crafts.

Another option is tile flooring, especially if you are comfortable choosing a dark grout because a light-colored grout can get discolored while crafting.


Painting the craft room is a smart plan because you cannot always control how messes happen. For instance, you might be working with craft paint, and the flick of a paintbrush can splash paint on a wall or window frame. Removing craft paint from flat paint is tough, so you can make it easier to clean the ceiling, trim, walls, and window frames with a glossy finish.

Covering the painted areas with a gloss or high-gloss finish will ensure easy cleanup if messes happen. Also, you will not worry about your kids if they are being a little careless at times.

Reach out to a residential remodeling contractor to transform a spare bedroom into a functional craft room.